Totul despre insomnii

Insomnia, boala veche care acum se grabeste cu pasi repezi spre generatia mai tanara, vinovata doar de doza super ridicata de stres din viata acestora. Citeste un articol interesant care ne-ar putea ajuta sa dormim mai bine.

Antioxidants – your best defense against disease and aging

„Studies support the benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. This is due to their high antioxidant value. Why are antioxidants so important Because they have a proven track record of fighting free radicals. Your body is being constantly attacked by very harmful substances known as free radicals or oxygen radicals. Free radicals can destroy your cells, tissues and organs.

Free radicals are highly unstable molecules that are naturally formed inside our bodies by the process of oxidation. They are normal by products of everyday functions like digestion and physical activity. Free radicals also come from outside sources, such as smoking, environmental pollution, and synthetic chemicals that are added to our water and food.” [Link]

Water safety is a summertime essential

„Every summer in the United States, many hundreds of children, teenagers and young adults drown in pools or natural bodies of water. The cases described are typical: parents turn their backs for a few minutes, and a small child falls into the family pool; a nonswimmer enters hazardous water without a proper flotation device; an inebriated teenager or young adult acts foolishly, perhaps on a dare from friends. So why do so many young people drown in pools, and what can be done to prevent these unfortunate events?” Read more. (Via The New York Times)

Any level of physical activity helps prolong life

„Any kind of exercise will help extend your life, say researchers who used a sophisticated test to arrive at that conclusion.”There are plenty of reports out there saying that self-reported exercise like running or jogging is beneficial,” said lead researcher Todd M. Manini, an exercise physiologist at the U.S. National Institute on Aging. „We wanted to see if just usual daily activity had a protective value.”

His team’s six-year study of 302 people between 70 and 82 years of age found that any sort of energy expenditure through physical activity was associated with a lower risk of death.” Read more…

Zaharul alb – cea mai dulce otrava

Zaharul, vechea problema omeneasca care ne momeste imbracat in diferite „vesminte” si care totodata ne urmareste toata viata si ne ataca cu consecintele sale nefaste. Poti afla mai multe despre aceasta otrava din urmatorul articol dotat cu informatii care va vor pune serios pe ganduri.

Dr. Nancy Appleton, dupa un studiu amanuntit a 146 de carti medicale referitoare la analiza efectului produs de zahar asupra organismului, a facut o lista cu tot atatea motive pentru care oamenii nu ar trebui sa consume zahar. Am sa prezint mai jos doar o parte dintre ele, in afara de cele care deja se stiu. Va voi invita pe dumneavoastra sa le cititi pe restul la acest website.

„Zaharul este in stare si poate sa faca urmatoarele:

  1. sa distruga sistemul imun
  2. reduce puterea de lupta impotriva infectiilor bacteriale
  3. prielnic pentru dezvoltarea cancerului ovarian
  4. interfereaza in absortia de magneziu si calciu
  5. slabeste vederea si cauzeaza cataracta
  6. mareste adrenalina in copii, facandu-i prea alerti afectandu-le puterea de concentrare
  7. imbatranire prematura
  8. mediu prielnic pentru dezvoltarea candidei vaginale
  9. cauzeaza scleroze multiple
  10. cauzeaza boli cardiovasculare
  11. contribuie in dezvoltarea osteoporozei
  12. mareste nivelul colesterolului
  13. interfereaza cu absorbtia de proteine alterandu-le functionarea normala
  14. mareste riscul de diverse alergi
  15. micsoreaza capacitatea enzimelor care au rol de a lupta impotriva bolilor
  16. mareste ficatul determinand ca celulele ficatului sa se divida, producand tumori
  17. schimba marimea rinichilor ducand la producerea de schimbari patologice ale rinichilor si formarea pietrelor
  18. distrugerea pancreasului
  19. dusmanul nr. 1 al transportului realizat in intestinul gros
  20. una dintre cauzele durerilor de cap si migrenelor
  21. mareste riscul cancerului gastric
  22. contribuie la dezvoltarea bolii Alzheimer
  23. imbalanta hormonala
  25. ingreuneaza transportul mancarii prin tractul gastro-intestinal
  26. produce intoxicare similara cu alcoolul
  27. mareste peste masura efectele durerilor premenstruale
  28. micsorarea cantitatii de zahar din spitale, salveaza vieti pretioase
  29. duce la cancer de prostata
  30. alimente dulci cresc riscul de cancer la san
  31. afecteaza memoria in timp […]”