Bombardier Beetle

„The bombardier beetle has one of the most incredible natural defense systems on earth. Whenever threatened by an enemy, such as ants or frogs, this spirited little beetle fires a scorching jet of foul-smelling chemicals at its foe. This irritating burst of boiling liquid shoots out of its abdomen at more than 500 pulses per second at 212 degrees!

The bombardier beetle makes his explosive by mixing together two very volatile chemicals, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide. Whenever it’s annoyed by a predator, the bombardier squirts the stored chemicals into combustion tubes and violent explosion occurs that blisters the poor attacker.”


Geamul meu este chiar asa transparent?

Azi dimineata, stateam linistita si-mi verificam email-ul, cand deodata aud o busitura puternica. Imediat privirea mi s-a dus in directia de unde am auzit zgomotul. Ce credeti, o cioara tocmai se lovise cu cea mai mare viteza de geamul meu. Nu va spun, exact in fractiunea de secunda cand m-am uitat eu, pasarea era lipita aproape afis de geamul meu iar pene negre zburau in jur.  🙂 Cioara si-a revenit pe loc, zburand catre copacul din fata, probabil sa-si revina dupa soc si sa-si revizuiasca penele lipsa. Am atasat o poza ca sa vedeti urma de pe geam lasata de ea. Nu stiu daca se vede, e exact intre cei doi stalpi negri.